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Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium

26306 Preston Ave. Spring, Tx, 77373



For individuals who want to design their own Dream Jewelry. Diana Diamonds will assist you in creating

your Signature Jewelry.

Come spend a memorable morning, afternoon or evening in the little pink cottage in the woods designing & creating your dream jewelry by yourself or with family or friends.

Jewelry can be created for any special event or to match a special outfit. 

Diana Diamonds will be your Design Guide. She has created jewelry for the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, CAM (the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston), Lakewood Church, and several renowned boutiques in the Greater Houston area.

Individual designs can be accomplished by determining which stones/pearls/beads are desired and then YOU can create YOUR jewelry based on the length you require for the necklace, number of strands, style, etc.

Designs will be based on your taste and can range from contemporary to edgy to bling-bling to traditional.

Your personal Birthday power stones can be determined if you wish to include them.

Sometimes, an individual will only want a bracelet with earrings or a pendant or earrings with an ankle and wrist bracelet designed by Diana Diamonds. 

Different prices are based on your choice of materials. We offer you a way to set your budget & still creat your Signature Piece.

The necklaces shown in the PayPal area below are examples, slightly modified such as fewer costly stones toward the back, could be created at any price level depending on your choice of gems/pearls etc.

Make Your choice below & call Diana Diamonds

@ 713/409-3730 to schedule your time slot/appointment.

2 to 12 - thousands of choices of genuine gemstones & crystals. Includes necklace & ears. Guided by Diana Diamonds, Jeweler for the Museum of Natural Science, and the Houston Contemporary Art Museum. Appointment required. Fee is per person.

Jewelry Creation - Private Party

Custom single strand 16 to 20" necklace or bracelet with matching ears. Gemstones range from turquoise to lapis to jade to adventurine etc. Bali, Sterling Silver, Czech Crystals & Pearls can be included with delica beads. Approx. time: 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Original Design created by you & Diana Diamonds.

Custom Jewelry - I

More pearls/ crystals/ Murano crystal filled with sterling silver or 18kt. gold/ genuine gemstones & necklace can be 16" to 22" & can be a double strand. Approx. time 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Every necklace will be a unique design thru collaboration between you & Diana Diamonds.

Custom Jewelry II

Custom necklace can be double strand to 22" or single strand to 35". Includes ears & bracelet. Every design will be an original collaboration between you & Diana Diamonds using exotic gemstones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, etc.. Approx. time 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

Custom Jewelry III

Custom necklace : double or triple to 25"or matinee length single strand with bracelet & ears & more pearls/ gemstones/ crystals. Approx. time 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Each set will be an original design created in collaboration with Diana Diamonds.

Custom Jewelry IV

Custom Set INCLUDES single or double strand necklace with more expensive gemstones & more pearls & Swarovski crystal with some 14kt. accents, clasps & ears plus bracelet.Approx. time 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Designed by you with Diana Diamonds. This session is one on one.

Custom Jewelry V

Create a fabulous wire wrapped pendant in the grand manner from genuine gemstones, pearls, murano and Swarovski crystal etc. Your choice! Approx 2 hours. 1 to 6 persons. Fee is per person.

The Pendata

This is a class and you will learn to create a Custom Artisan Set woven strand necklace with matching bracelet: woven double/triple cuff style and ears using genuine gemstones and pearls with Swarovski crystals. Approx. time 8 hours with a lunch break. Uniquely beautiful & in a manner that doesn't hurt your fingers.

Custom Jewelry VI - Wirewrapping Fit for A Queen

Everything is possible.

Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True.