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Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium

26306 Preston Ave. Spring, Tx, 77373

sleep solutions

Angel Solutions

for Your Best Health:

Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually & Spiritually

Directions for Usage Included.

143 ingredients to remind you of who you are. Calming & grounding on all levels while releasing anxiety & stress. Goes to the heart as a warrior to provide you with the backup you need to heal, recover & move forward while in combat or return to personal life. Developed for our armed forces personnel but helps everyone. 10 ml

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief

Powerful blend of over 325 ingredients (essential oils) over a 6 month period that is reported to assist children & adults with ADD & ADHD. Also reported to help with children who "fight sleep" sleep peacefully with sweet dreams by mothers who use this blend diluted 50/50 with a quality carrier oil for children under 12. Grounds and provides ability to focus according to many clients.


A Blessed blend of 125 Essential Oils developed OVER A SIX MONTH PERIOD. It's designed to calm you on all levels by sending vibrational messages to all of your Chakras, brain, emotional body, etheric senses, and nervous system. It does not put you to sleep. It relaxes you so you can either function at a more tranquil level or gently surrender to sleep. Can be diluted 50/50 with apricot kernel, sweet almond or jojoba oil for use on small children. Read Testimonials. Comes in a glass container with a roller ball for ease of application. Very grounding and used to combat anxiety & traumatic stress syndrome Super concentrated for anxiety. Created by Diana Diamond. Use as necessary. Usage directions included. Regularly $89.00

Self Love, Serenity & Healing

Delicious & creamy, this smoothie takes you to that calm oasis of serenity you desire. It improves memory & eye sight while relaxing your mind. Gives your complexion a beautiful glow. Perfect as a enjoyable daytime anxiety release or a bedtime precursor to sound sleep. To be available in packets to take with you shortly. Approx: 20 smoothies per bottle. Created locally.

Jasmine Karma Chai Smoothie