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Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium

26306 Preston Ave. Spring, Tx, 77373

Diana & Sammy - one of our beloved rescue dogs

Our Story


In junior high school it was "Windsong" ("stays on your mind"), in high school it was "Hope" by Frances Denney, & in college it was "Shalimar".

Then I decided I wanted my own perfume. I did what alot of women have done. I just combined smells I liked. No knowledge of top, accent, heart note or bottom notes.  

Just followed my nose. I combined essential oils & exotic essences and everyone asked me what it was??? When I told them I had made my own perfume, they wanted me to make one for them.

And so I began my journey in 1972 at Crazy Mama's Cheap Antiques & Tea Parlor on Westheimer. And here we are today

48 years later.

Over 200 original perfumes (17 to over 300 ingredients in each; cured for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months) with clients all over the world.

Years of research, development & passion led by the big nose I wanted to get "fixed" so badly hen I was a teen ager!!!

Years ago, as a vendor at a Fall Festival, a little old lady walked up to touch a necklace

& she lovingly spoke one word: "Beads..."

We women have a lifelong love affair with - beads. The sparklier the better!

I remember sifting thru teensy bits of colored glass & pretending they were precious gems when I was a little girl. When my Great Aunt Marie gave me a set of costume jewelry pins to glue crystals in - I was forever hooked on making jewelry!

I sold "Sarah Coventry" when I was in college for spending money. It was quality costume jewelry. One day I realized I had alot of money invested in jewelry with no real value. I decided from then on, it had to be real gemstones & precious metal. I began making necklaces, earrings & bracelets with no training. I gave it away for presents or hoarded it until the day my husband said: "If you're gonna keep making it, you'd better sell some."

My daughter & 2 different friends were about to give home parties & they all wanted me to come sell my perfumes and my jewelry. I didn't really have any inventory of the jewelry

so I just took mine and we were off to the races.

I decided I would sell wholesale and knew I needed to get my brand (Diana Diamonds Designs) in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It would give me credibility. It took one whole year to get in as a vendor. Shortly after I got in, they were about to have a huge Jade Exposition & the Manager called me in because he couldn't find suitable jade jewelry for the separate Jade shop they were setting up within the exhibit. He was terrified he would have empty display cases! I told him I didn't really know very much about Jade - he pushed a giant book on Jade into my arms and said: "Learn. I need finished jewelry in 3 weeks."

I asked how much?

He said: "Alot."

I discovered jade beads in unlikely places all over Houston. Assembled 6 female volunteers (one was 8 years old), laid out the designs, & crimped them as they finished each piece.

The earrings I made were pretty sorry. I was using a carpenter tool!

(They sold well. I think people thought they had been made by

needy women living deep in the Jungle???)

Delivery day came & Houston was flooded. All roads from Katy, Texas to HMNS were under water. I had been up all night pricing, boxing & praying since I had no idea what the total would be and if he would buy it all. Found a really big long flat box that all the boxes fit in; wrapped it in plastic cleaning bags. jammed a hat on and took off. I don't remember how I got there. He looked at everything one box at a time and said "I'll take it. All."

When the 8 year old went with her mother to the exhibit, she pointed to several of the items for sale and said "I made that." The sales women of course just smiled & nodded.

I will share one very important rule about making jewelry for sale to the public: don't make it "for the public". Design & create it with love as if it was for yourself or someone you care about. That energy comes across and makes a huge difference.

One last little story, remember the Fall Festival I mentioned earlier? I discovered something very important that day. Little girls would come up & smile at all the jewelry. Little boys came up & just stared at it - mesmerized. That's when I realized that jewelry is bait!          

jewelry parties

Exclusive Designer for the Houston Museum of Science Imperial Jade Exhibit & Boutique Gift Shop. The Russian delegates to the Imperial Jade Exhibition were presented with Jade Jewelry created by Diana Diamonds. Since 1988, Diana Diamonds Designs jewelry has been available through the Houston Museum of Natural Science Boutique, (Houston) Contemporary Arts Museum, Lakewood Church , Second Baptist Church, Bellini's on Post Oak in the Galleria, Gayle's in Highland Village, and Maggie's & A Place in Time.

We regularly host jewelry parties at Retirement Homes & donate for Charity Auctions to give back to the community. Exxon Mobil recently contracted Diana Diamonds Designs for a "Team Building" exercise with a group of women from all over the world to create their own custom jewelry.

Inquiries are welcome.


Active as a Public Speaker for over 25 years, Diana's humor, information & experience are an unforgettable experience when she covers various topics:

"Men are Simple - Thank God".

"How to Manifest the Power of Attraction & Favor

"Healing the Wounded Heart & Moving Forward"

"The Courage to Live the Life of Your Dreams"

Diana Diamonds Designs

Inquiries are welcome.

A Native Houstonian, Diana has been married to her best friend James (a Native of Ft. Worth) for 30 years. They reside in Kingwood,Texas with 3 Rescue Dogs & 5 Rescue Cats. They have 4 children, 8 grandchildren & 2 great grandson.


Our products are designed and created with integrity, purpose & love. We hope to get to know you better as time goes by. We welcome your comments and look forward to a long & satisfying relationship with you.

Diana Diamonds Designs

All love in peace,

Diana Diamonds

unique fragrance