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Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium

26306 Preston Ave. Spring, Tx, 77373

Perfume Choices with Scent Descriptions: You Create Your Signature Fragrance


by Diana Diamonds Designs

Established 1992

If you ordered some ho hum single note Pheromones, without perfume as a carrier, it would be more expensive than the following Original Pheromone Perfumes (which are full strength; undiluted and contain no alcohol)! 

Perfume is your Genii in A Bottle

Okay, it's time to get serious. 

Dump the commercial grade drug store and the too-too tah-tah hotsy-totsy synthetic stuff. The only people they excite is whoever's ringing up the cash register... 

Drop that chemically "back story" been-on-the-shelf too-long liquid. Get real. Get over it and move up to a Custom Blend that's gonna get you noticed in a good way.

Works in all situations - even helps at work or in getting a job. 

So IF the only compliments you've been getting when you wear the old standby are from Gert & Betty. Or Auntie Lulu. Or weird Bob...  

It's time for a game changer:

Your Custom Pheromone Perfume by Diana Diamonds.

Just try it. You'll like it.  

We carry over 200 Original Pheromone Perfumes & Blends. We create all of these inhouse one-at-a-time

in small batches with love.

Each fragrance contains 17 to over 300 ingredients.

They are natural like wine (they are cured before they're presented at our bar) and get better with age!

Like samples at department stores: a slender glass tube. If you order the full size fragrance within 30 days, we will credit your purchase this amount. After you receive your sample, the percentages can be changed if you wish.

Samples of Original Perfumes/fragrances

Each comes with a roller ball for easy application, a beautiful satin drawsting bag and instructions on where to place it on your body. 

We don't list all of the ingredients in our Original Pheromone Perfumes. We endeavor to describe their scent as closely as possible for you.  

Any of the scents listed or in the PayPal boxes below (with Pheromones). Enter the names in the boxes below. You can mix up 2 perfumes! Order a sample so you can discover how your Signature Fragrance smells on you!

5 ml. Original Pheromone Perfume

Any of the scents listed below. You can mix up to 3 perfumes! Order a sample (above) so you will know how it smells on you!

10 ml. Original Pheromone Perfume

Any of the perfumes shown on the list below or in the PayPal boxes. Comes in an Art Deco bottle. Order a sample (above) so you will know how it smells on you! You can mix up to 4 perfumes/ fragrances!

15 ml Original Pheromone Perfume

1. "Lady in Red" Sensual, juicy & deliciously sweet. Makes a woman feel beautiful & brings a man to his knees. The Lady in Red gets what she wants when she wants it with whom she chooses for as long as she desires.

2. "Stone Cold Fox" Woodsy w/ sweet vanilla, Bergemot (uplifting, refeshing & citrusy) & Sandalwood (magical) - hypnotic & memorable. Confidence and success without ego.  

3. "The Girl Your Mom Warned You About" Woodsy with rich depth of Amber & a touch of Raspberry. A bit sassy & playful, she knows what she wants.

4. "Hot Tub"vivid turquoise splash reminds U of just how fun it is - in the Hot Tub! Aquatic, clean and fresh.    

5. "While Riding Side Saddle" Arabian musk (clean & sultry), Sandalwood (magical), warm soft Amber, with a touch of evergreens. The perfect companion for the woman who is in charge & enjoys being spoiled. 

6. "Luscious" Compelling, inviting & surprising - the sweet; inviting scent of white wedding cake batter. No more procrastination!

7. "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" Warm inviting sensual & smooooth: the scent of a decadent merlot wine in crystal goblets sitting beside a glowing fire with a fur throw underneath you & yours. A night to remember. Very "Prada".

8. "Women Who Run with the Wolves" Egyptian Musk (warm & sensual),exotic Persian spices, Pomegranite, & sweet soft Amber. Fierce, loyal & adventurous, she is at the head of the table.

9. "Harley" Rich; deep Patchouli, Arabian Musk & sensual vanilla with a touch of sweetness. For the ride of your life.

10. "Venus: Goddess of Love" Timeless sophisticated luscious floral with a dribble of French Vanilla & anchored by Jasmine. 

11. "Fairy Godmother" Uplifting notes of Bergamot, Sweet Orange, & Vanilla Absolute sprinkled with sugar - makes all of your wishes come true! (Also available in a Room/Linen Spray).

12. "True Love" Magical East Indian Sandalwood , warm sensual Amber at it's heart, French Vanilla captured in a warm hug of sensuality. Draws people to you in a positive & exciting way.

13. "Baby's Breath" Fresh delicate floral that lingers in a sweetly timeless way. It says: "I am adored. I am precious."

14. "Song of the Gypsy Goddess" Bulgarian Rose is it's heart note bathed in Spikenard, Cardamon, Myrtle (Venus' favorite Essential Oil), Patchouli, Carnation & so much more combine to produce a World Class Perfume with spicy/ sultry undertones. It's all about personal freedom.

15. "Way of the Warrior" The male companion to "Song of the Gypsy Goddess" with woodsy mid notes. It's all about personal freedom & taking action.

16. "Sugar Shack" Fruity; juicy bouquet splashed with vanilla & spiked with lemon drops. All about fun & being forever young.

17. "Norwegian Wood" The perfect storm of varied wood notes: mahoghany, blonde, & sandalwood with an edge of leather & Egyptian Musk . Has that "seasoned world traveler" going for it.  

18. "Arabian Nights II" Elegant, classic; modern with evergreen, Red African Musk, Ambergris, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang (proven provocative) with White Rose.

19. "Get Lucky for Men" Breezy cool aquamarine qualities drenched in fresh, manly semi-sweetness. So you can step into windows of opportunity; away from danger.

20. "Get Lucky for Women" Smooth; magnetic in a verrry pink & confident way. The female version of #19. 

21. "Warrior Maiden" An medley of Citrus notes surrounded by clean; soft Musk with an undertone of fresh, cool & hypnotic Agar Wood. Confidence in an understated; unexpected manner.

22. "Love Hurts" Super feminine without being fussy with a soft; powdery side & a seductive lightly sweet floral base.

23. "Diva's Delight" A rare combination of the smell of super expensive things: wraps you in fur, silk, & money. Evokes really good memories. Upscale. 

24. "Love Bomb" An absolutely delicious love potion with juicy notes of Pomegranite, Raspberry, French Vanilla & the warmth of Sandalwood and Amber wrapped around a powerhouse of Pheromones. Available in a male or female version.    

25. "I'm All That: The New Sheriff in Town" Cedarwood, Lavender, Ozone, Sandalwood, & Sage all wrapped up in a traditional/modern man's power scent. Speaks of leadership, intelligence & action.

26. "The Blue Stallion" Powerful; understated strength & confidence in a cool easy blend . Reclaim your power & let your personal success flow. 

27. "Yum Yum" Chocolate covered cherries! Wear this and become a Legend in Your Own Time! 

28. "Newborn into the New Consciousness" Creme Brulee that changes beautifully on everyone who wears it. Myrtle oil is at it's heart - a very complex blend to assist you with new undertakings & success in all things. 

29. "Moon Goddess" The softest; most innocently seductive perfume of all - includes 17 different types of Musk & 7 different types of Vanilla grounded by Sandalwood. 

30. "Wild Thing" Want to smell rich, successful & adventurous? This is the bait for you! Nothing sweet, just a depth of satisfying smooth & natural scent with an edge.  

31. "I'm All That" Totally surpasses pillow talk to a provocative new level of confidence! Subtle, slightly sweet & very irresistable. For Women & one just for men also. Please indiciate.

32. "Me So Horney" Smells like Amaretto.  

33. "The Kiss" Lanquid & subtle notes of Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang with a slight herbal edge & a splash of 3 different types of Lavenders.

34. "Midnight at the Oasis" Clean, fresh, & the promise of wealth & adventure.

35. "Serenity II" The most awesome relaxation scent - smells just like a verrrry expensive Spa. 

36. "The Sacred Oracle" A blend for meditation with Frankincense, Myrhh, Jasmine, Spikenard & Sandalwood cradled in a deep herbal bouquet. 

37. "Baby Doll" Capricious & mischevious lollipops, juicy sweet tart & credit cards. She gets what she wants. Always. 

38. "Stairway to Heaven" Created for men & women (Pheromones to be added so please indicate male or female) - an auspicious mix of honey & Southern Comfort meets Mega Fame wrapped in the unforgettable aroma of charm & talent!

39. "Love Potion #8" Smells alot like key lime or lemon merinque pie! When you want to be delicious!

40. "Essence of Woman" A kiss of citrus meets sweet candy equals an unforgettable fountain of youth Perfume. Eloquent and divine. 

41. "Transformation" Citrusy & slightly sweet freshness with a touch of Fennel for will power designed to uplift & take out the speed bumps to your progress - change for the better.

42. "Pink Chiffon" That moment when you were so young, confident & happy wrapped in a neon pink aroma.  

43. "Awakening" The aroma of fresh baked croissants with vanilla & white chocolate icing drizzled over them. Sophisticated with a sweet twist. 

44. "Games of Chance" Pistachio and coconut macaroon in a fresh; inviting blend. 

See PayPal boxes below for more choices.

All Pheromone Perfumes in the PayPal boxes are 10 ml.

If you wish to order the 5 ml or the 15 ml, use the Paypal boxes above and fill in the name of the fragrance you desire.

Rich, sultry and slightly feral this is the perfume of women who take charge of their destiny. Very exclusive; very "Escada". Cleopatra would have loved this one!

"Women Who Run with Wolves"

Plumeria absolute is at her heart with almost 300 essential oil & botanical essences. Hana Aloha evokes the softer side of love and stays with you all day into the night. A classic floral that's hypnotizing.

"Hana Aloha" The Art of Love Magic

Crystalline and serene with a natural sweetness. This is our no. 1 best seller right now.

"Secret Wonderland"

Powerful, quiet, and surprisingly tender. Represents a man who burns long & burns strong & he's good with his hands. Clean, fresh and serene.

""The Platinum Sea""

AKA "Fun in Bed". Smells like the best Pina Colada you ever had! Deep blue liquid to drench your self with whenever you're in the mood - for a little fun...

"Night Moves"

The essence of sweetly flowing pink desire captured in a vortex of naughty & nice. Delicious candy kisses & caresses never to be forgotten... Sweet with an edge of tart.

"Always Pink"

Better than chocolate! How sweet it is... Captured in baby blue passion: with promises of prosperity & strength of purpose. Alpha Protector Warrior without equal. Sweet, warm inviting, & clean.. A keeper.

"Sugar Daddy"

Sensual ambrosia with top notes of raspberry & vanilla: Juicy, exciting & refreshing to instill creativity, imagination & joy. Youthful positive emotion with a depth of eagerness and passion. Bring it on!

"Imagination Gone Wild"

Spread your wings & fly with the cool blue freshness of the sea & a touch of salt in the air blended with fresh natural pheromones designed to positively uplift you. Create the life of your dreams. Eucalyptus, peppermint & spearmint open you up for a breath taking ride. Surl's up.

"Breathe Baby Breathe"

Take me where I've never been before. Sugar plums, tangy citrus undertones and irresistible hints of the sweet smell of: Youth, passion & desire tenderly blend in this softly whispered invitation of the first time all over again. Rekindle or ignite your love. Your Move.

"Pink Chiffon"

Opens the heart, protects the soul, kicks your spirit into high gear. Removes limits while giving you permission to be your true self. Enjoy the rich warm scent of cinnamon sticky buns!!! Yummy. Welcome to all that is.


Adoration to Infinity & Beyond. Sure of each other - reaching beyond the stars with a depth of passion & creativity. Yours for the asking/taking. Sassy and inviting in a heavenly sweet way. Cotton candy for grown ups!

"Want A Whole Lotta Love"

Serenity intertwined with peace, love & being grounded. Time to move on - they have. Absence of anxiety, fear & despair. Rose @ it's heart, lavender @ it's crown, spikenard @ it's base - along with 122 other ingredients to assist you on this journey. Today.

"Love & Heal Yourself"

Comfortable in a designer tux or work clothes. This scent is casually elegant & modern for the man who's sure of himself & what he wants. Has an air of mystery & wealth about it! Quietly confident. 100% focused & interested in YOU. Game on.

"Manly Man"

Raspberry, vanilla orchid, strawberry and the scent of summer wine unite to bring a bloom to your daring days & little nights. Unbridled passion with"forbidden fruit" sweetly surrounded by the glow of love - sweet love.

"Crimson & Clover - Over & Over"

Transformational blend of hundreds of essential oils with Pheromones & Copulins: for women only.The overall scent is deep, rich & sultry. When you are ready to take flight and make your dreams come true.

"Manly Man"