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Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium

26306 Preston Ave. Spring, Tx, 77373

love potions for men and women

love potions for men and women


New Testimonials for you to enjoy! Some are sort of long but they are so powerful I'm including every word. You will find several situations that absolutely amaze you and some may resonate with your personal situation too. 

You can send your testimonial or review to the links below:

Thank you for your support and patronage. We appreciate your loyalty and patronage

*********************A very unusual story from a very satisfied client (she had come in to have 2 bottles of her Personal Perfume duplicated because it made such an incredible difference at work. Truly empowered her!) 

She said that she and her husband are bee keepers (a hobby). (And they lost a lot of hives in Hurricane Harvey.) She was working on one of the hives when the bees suddenly swarmed all over her body! Not biting her - just covering her up. The other woman who was in our shop hearing this story asked her:

"How did U get them off?!" She said she simply kept walking further and further away from their hive and they went back to it. She'd never had this happen before and thinks it was the Pheromones in her Personal Perfume. (Bees are attracted to different flowers by the Pheromones they give off - not the color.) She doesn't wear her Personal Pheromone Perfume any more when she's working with the bees! *******************

This client came bursting in the door proclaiming: "You saved my marriage!"

(Her husband travels & had been ignoring her when he came home.) She said: "He came in the door, straight to me & gave me a passionate kiss - He's acting like a different man! Thank you soooo much." Yvonne

"Diana, I ran out of my Personal Pheromone Perfume & when I went to work I felt naked without it!!!"

Laura V. 

"My knees & legs have been causing me pain for awhile. You created a pain blend (Megan called it 'Bob's Pain Oils') and I want to let you know it is helping a lot. As an ex Game Warden, it was really bothering me that I couldn't get around very well. Thanks and I'll be 

back with lots of antique bottles for you to use! And yes I really do like the many many Pheromone Blends you've created for me over the years, Diana. Wouldn't be without them!"

Bob from Beaumont

"I must tell you - I came into buy an EssentiaL Oil...

My left heel has been causing me a whole lot of pain & discomfort. I've been putting everything off because walking was unbearable at times. But today I decided to get out. I've been in the shop for 30 minutes and my foot pain has literally stopped!!! The energy in this place is incredible!"

J. as told to Megan Smith 

After a long time of dating the wrong guys, I have changed my outlook and have found the man of my dreams! A light bulb went on when i told you how I always choose the wrong guys and you said: 'No, the wrong guys chose you!' No longer did I let the wrong guys even be involved in my life. Wearing my perfume makes me feel beautiful & smart. You are my secret weapon, Diana. You go girl!"


"When I came in with my daughter-in-law, you had no idea what we were dealing with. You thought we were just having a fun time together. After you created our wonderful perfumes, you "gazed into our garnets" and got a message about my son (her husband) in each of our garnets that was specific to our horrible situation and provided a warning and a course of action. He has been home from military service overseas for 1 1/2 years now. The counseling was getting nowhere and he was becoming more violent & depressed. The advice you gave us has made an incredible difference. Even though we may never be able to get him to come to you, he has been changed by wearing the "blend" you labeled "Manly Man" (it was really the PTSD Relief Formula) as an "after shave cologne". And the difference in how we have come to deal with him has helped us all. The service you perform is so valuable. And as a person of faith, it matters to me that you give God all the credit. Diana, we will be back and we are so thankful."  


Your Dream Life Coaching & the "Greetings of Riches" readings opened my eyes to understanding my life direction. My Personal Pheromone Perfume gives me the courage to step outside my comfort zone and make it happen. You have helped me in ways my years of therapy did not. You got to the point and kind of made me see 

my reality clearly so I could make better choices. Diana, just be there for me and the friends I am sending to you. We will all succeed together. (As you say: "For the greater good, And it Tamika Jo

Diana, I have been purchasing different Pheromone blends from you for years now and every one of them has done exactly what we discussed that I needed at the time. I will always depend on you for your "crazy good" help.

Love & a big hug, Martin  

I was leaving a shop all the way on the other side of Old Town Spring when a big beautiful orange butterfly started floating around me. 

It got my attention & I started walking to it - It floated a little further away and I started following it. It led me all the way to your front door! I came in & felt like I was "home".   

After my Pheromone Perfume Session, I have experienced a complete turn around in my life for the best. And I'm so happy that I paid attention to my "little messenger". I feel like I have been released from my personal chrysalis & I am flying high on my own strength toward my new beginning. Sharon

Hi! I came in a few weeks ago with my little girl

(she got all of your lollipops lol). I was looking for something for my skin condition Ichthyosis Vulgaris and you gave me some things to try. I came back and bought the "Bodacious Body Balm" a week later. I just want to say Thank You for what you do! This stuff has been amazing! It has made such a HUGE difference and so quickly at that! I was expecting a month or so of using it before I saw a difference but I saw results in just 24 hours! My condition is the worst on my legs and after using the oil you gave me I feel like I'm looking at someone else's legs. I took some before and after photos and I wanted to share them with you. It has only been 2 weeks so I'm excited to see what the results will be months from now! Again thank you so much! 

:) Mandy Hessenius

organic skin care

organic skin care

"Diana, I'm engaged!!! Finally!!! We're getting married next month. When can I come get 2 more bottles of my Personal Pheromone Perfume?

I'm emailing the formula right now!!" Fran B. 

Mediation Attorney

- Had been dating him for years.-

I would like to share with you my good fortune of filming an episode for the TV Show, "For the Love of Dogs." I was on the show to represent AARF Houston and, my new business, FURever Home! Please check it out!

A few days before I left, Diana made me my pheromone perfume. I REALLY needed it on the day of filming. My pheromone, "The Power of Me," helped me to focus and control my nervous energy. It helped me be the best version of myself, I think.

I am so grateful to Diana, James, and the rest of you guys for helping me find my true path and calling. The positive energy, love and support I get from everyone is what is helping me to be the best I can.

Please freely share! I hope that my foster dog, Chance, will get his FURever Home (TM) by people seeing him in the episode with me. ~ Amy Venegas~

"One reason I love the Goddess Gatherings is the Limited Edition Pheromone Perfumes created for each event. I was short of cash the other day, whipped out my 'Lucky' Potion and bought a scratch off - Won enough for a tank of gas & some incidentals!!!" Meg M.

"Diana, if people only knew what you have to offer in here (we were in the Perfume Bar creating Personal Pheromone Perfumes) you'd have a line out the door!!!" Tammy

A radiant young woman with a big smile walked up to the front porch at Crazy Mama's and said (in front of several people): "Hello Diana, you probably don't remember me. I was in one of your perfume classes and created a perfume I named 'She Wolf'. Look what I got with 'She Wolf"!!!" She turned to the handsome young man beside her - "We're getting married in June and I want you to design my bridal jewelry and veil! Thank you Diana!" Serena

"Diana. I got to thinking about how long we've known each other and the first time we met. We've known each other 13 years? I have it so good now!

Good job-good man-good situation with my grown children!

My life was in shambles when we met,

I was about to lose my house,

I was working 2 jobs & still not getting by, &

dating a married man with no hope for the future. 

Your help has made such a difference in my life. The Dream Life Coaching, the Personal Pheromone Perfumes, and the Greeting of Riches readings." And then we just hugged because she has blessed me too with her friendship. N. R.  

"Diana, I'm ready. Ready to date after all this time. And I'm excited. Not nervous! Wearing this perfume has given me confidence. I'm so glad my girls (daughters) talked me into getting this perfume." Charlotta (Retired)

When she came back in for her free 3 week amp-up to her Personal Pheromone Perfume (that was a gift from her daughters who wanted her to have a second chance at happiness). 

John never got out of the car. His wife Betty (they were visiting from Omaha, Nebraska) bought a jar of "Forever Young Skin Miracles" - "Genii in a Bottle" face cream for the eczema on his hands that he'd suffered with for years. 1 1/2 months later, she ordered 2 more jars for him. "It's working great, his hands are pristine & helps the itching too! He still has some left but doesn't want to run out."  

A lady visiting from Boston sniffed a few pheromone perfumes and decided on 'Moon Goddess'. She said her husband never paid attention to her and they had been married quite awhile. Got an email from her that read: "Diana, as soon as I got in the car when he came to the airport to pick me up-

He said: 'You smell gooood!' (Need more!!!)"

"The Pheromone Perfume you developed for me that I named 'No Limits' truly delivered.

My focus was for enhanced sexuality with my spouse and confidence.

My spouse takes High Blood Pressure medications which have an adverse affect on his sexuality. He has been applying a prescribed medicated cream (testosterone) to counteract these effects for over a year.  

Your Pheromone Perfume, however, although applied to my body-- POSITIVELY affected his sexual abilities which the prescribed cream had not been able to do!!

In having a conversation with a very good friend of mine, she had to stop the conversation to say that she has taken note that there has been a very noticeable change in me--that I was more confident.

Thank you. Thank you for the Pheromone Perfume. I know that you believe strongly in what you do - I just wanted you to have another 'real live' testimony to add to your ever growing list of reasons why people should have a Personalized Pheromone Potion.

Yes, Dreams do come true!!

A very satisfied customer--in more ways than one!! Lisa B.

"Diana Diamond told me that black pepper was part of my personal scent. And that black pepper was one of the essential oils she utilized in her 'Money Honey' potion because it attracts money. And she said I was going to come into some unexpected money. I remember saying that 'it sure wasn't coming from my job'! She said she thought it was coming from another source. A few weeks later, I was contacted by a lawyer. My Aunt died in 2007 and they were just now letting me know I was a beneficiary and would be receiving my share shortly. Totally unexpected! Thanks for the heads up Diana!." Linda 

"I came in with a girl friend (she bought mine for my birthday) and we just wanted to do something different & fun.

We were both quite skeptical and kind of gave Diana a hard time. By the end of the session, she had our attention! And we are both so glad we went to see her. My social calendar is full and I am officially 'out of the cave'!!! Life is good. We are going back to have our Pheromone Perfumes duplicated next month and looking forward to new adventures. Thanks Diana!" Ruth S. Human Resources Mgr. for an International IT Corporation

"I read this whole website - the testimonials several times. Finally, I just had to go and see what this was all about! Her session was full but she let me go ahead and join in. We had a blast! Lots of valuable information and we all swapped info to get together and return at the same time for our 'amp up'. I'm so glad I took the plunge. Life has a whole new glow about it. My boy friend is paying more (and better) attention to me. Says he adores me. Way to go Diana! See you soon. And thanks for everything." Selena H. Freelance Writer & Photographer 

"Every year I start with an appointment with Diana Diamond. A combined session with Dream Life Coaching & Personalized Pheromone Perfume to last the whole year.

I consider it a valuable investment! I take notes and we go over what I want to achieve. Sometimes it seems impossible. I have MS and last year she was really concerned about me in every way. I accomplished all of my goals including a wonderful life partner, successful new business enterprise, improved health & outlook, and after the new suggestions she gave me - I am looking forward to an even better year. I recommend Diana to all of my friends & former business associates. She is an important part of my current success & happiness. Thanks, Diana."

Anne P. former CEO of an Multinational Corporation.

"My Daughter Won't Wear Her Pheromone Perfume Anymore!

She's attracting too many guys and doesn't know how to deal with all of the attention !!! While I am back for more!!!" Amy

Mother who was given her Personal Pheromone Perfume Potion by her daughter - came back for more!!!

"Diana, I am buying you out of "Ride A Cowboy". This stuff works and on every person I have put it on - So they're all ordering through me! You could charge $900. a bottle! It's so worth it!" Ana


Voice mail from Susan Rao in Ohio 01/02/11.

"Diana, this is Susan Rao in Ohio. I just received my potion on Saturday. My boyfriend, Scott, was in the hospital & he just had open heart surgery. He could not - they could not- get him a sinus rhythm with his heart. He'd been on the table 3 hours & they brought him back to his room & they told him there was really nothing else they could do for him. 

It was the first time I wore my new perfume - I wore your perfume.* I had just received it that morning. I told him to smell my ear: take a big inhale. Three big inhales. Automatically his heart went into a regular sinus rhythm!

So your potion had a magical affect - a miraculous affect on my boyfriend & it fixed his heart rhythm!

So thank you very much. I love the smell of it! Just wanted to let you know & thank you so much for blessing me & my boyfriend Scott. Say a prayer for him for me please. Thank you so much - I love you."

*(P.S. This was Susan's second potion. After Susan began wearing her first potion, she declared that she had finally met the man of her dreams: Scott. She ordered a new one in October & for some reason, I could not create the potion for almost 3 months. Every time I started to ... I just felt I shouldn't do it at that time. She was very patient even though she was completely out of her potion.

Now I understand why she had to receive on 1-1-11. DD)

"When I go to visit my husband @ the VA Hospice, I try to look nice but I was caught off guard when a young man in a wheel chair asked me what perfume I was wearing! I was so rattled I told him I couldn't remember! I am getting compliments from total strangers!!!

Marie Bill - 84 years young

"Diana, you know I was a skeptic and asked so many questions when you were preparing my Custom Blend. If my friend hadn't actually brought me to your shop, there's no way I would have gotten a Pheromone Potion made for me.

As you know, my family came from Persia (Iran) because we had to go into exile. It has been a hard time personally making so many adjustments. School's no problem. But since I graduated, my business life and my love life (non-existent) have been in turmoil. 

Yesterday I closed a 1.3 million dollar commercial real estate sale and I am dating someone I have known for a long time (we work for the same company) who wouldn't give me the time before.

We have been dating since 2 days after I got my Custom Pheromone Potion. Last night she treated me to dinner to celebrate my sale. 

What else can I say? I'm not a skeptic any more. And I have 3 other big deals working that look to close within the month. Diana, I had zero sales for 2 years until now. My family has had to support me. From my heart, thank you. A.J.

Phone call from "Light":

"Diana, my pheromone potion saved me tonight! I rolled my car; the accident was my fault- I don't have a scratch and the police officer didn't give me a ticket ! Thank you!"

"You made me promise to send my testimonial to you so here it is! I was really skeptical about having anything to write about, but alas, here I am. This account of events is chronolgical.

SATURDAY- Met with you and the other two ladies in your "laboratory". You tested me and concocted a potion for me. I had a blind date that evening.

SATURDAY eve...met with blind date after thinking she was not going to show up. We talked after our dinner, went out for drinks, and conversed another two hours after drinks! Didn't get home til 4am. (Ok. At this point I'm thinking, "this could have happened anyway". I needed more proof......)

WEDNESDAY...Took my father to the doctor. Went to get change at a bar in the Dr.'s office bulding...the bartender, who was very attractive tells me I should stay and have a drink because she was lonely..... hmmmmmm...... okayyyyyy..... Well, I thought to myself, perhaps she just wants me to come back to drink so I can give her a was slow.....still needed more proof....all the while, still having great contact and conversation with blind date from Saturday.

Still later WEDNESDAY, while going to pick up my blind date for another date, stopped by the drug store to have a photo taken. Also engaged in a long detailed conversation with the guy running the photo department. Ok, things are starting to get really weird........

THURSDAY....Thinking i'm gonna go back to the bar to talk with the bartender and have a drink. We had a very in-depth, great conversation. As I left, I told her that she was my new favorite bartender. She responded that I was her new favorite person.....WOW1111111

FRIDAY.....another date with the blind longer a blind date.

SATURDAY week....Went to the drug store to pick up some incidentals...the checkout girl would not stop giggling and smiling at me. I thought I had something hanging from my nostrils...I was walking out of the store and there was a young woman walking in front of me. I unlocked my car door...she looked back at me and started smiling and laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said that as she walked by my car, she thought the door to my car was opening for her to get in!

Enough proof for me. Still seeing the blind date...

no longer a blind date.

Thanks! W. C. A. Jr.

"When I came to see you, I was in bad physical condition and about to have major surgery in a couple of weeks. I was scared and down hearted. Your pheromone perfume has gotten me through all of it. I am feeling so good and everyone remarks on my perfume. I can't say enough about the difference it has made in my life. I will always wear it. I am getting a double portion every time. " Michelle

"Looking for a job has been a nightmare. Self-employment didn't suit me. Wasn't successful. Money - unemployment - running out and getting really stressed. Have been feeling like I am letting my family down. Kids in private school and looks like there won't be funds to continue. Depressed and really scared.  

Accidentally overheard one of my wife's friends talking about the Custom Pheromone Potion she got in Old Town Spring. Went out there and couldn't remember the name of the shop. Found it on Preston and went in to ask questions. Felt silly.

That was 3 weeks ago.

Wearing the oils every day just like I was instructed. (My wife really likes the smell.) Just told her where I got it. Right after I told her I was going to work next week with a signing bonus and at the same salary I was making when I got laid off.

She's going next week with a couple of her friends. You never know. Can't explain the difference in the way it made me feel about myself but my results speak for themselves. Thanks Diana." Sam

When I came into Diana's store I was severely depressed and deeply cynical. I had just made a doctor's appointment to get on antidepressants. But a great friend treated me to a custom formulation and since that visit I am a true believer. My depression is completely gone and I'm so much more productive now than before using the pheromones.

It's truly astounding and I'm so excited about my future, knowing that I'll have the daily support of the wonderful essential oils. I cancelled my doctor's appointment and I can't say enough positive things about my experience. It really does almost seem miraculous. Just give them a try and you'll be amazed and happy that you did.

Love and gratitude, Barbara

"I have been feeling tired & prone to catching whatever was going around. When I stopped to figure out what I was doing differently, it dawned on me that the only difference was that I had run out of my Pheromone Potion ! After 3 days of using my Potion, I'm already feeling so much better - energy wise & confident!"

 Susan P. Office Mgr.

"Diana, it is so crazy!!! Everywhere I go, people stop me and want to know what perfume I am wearing

 Problem people at work are acting unusually nice and helpful to me. And yesterday, when I stepped into the giant lab at work, this lady exclaimed from the very far end: 'What is that smell? Who is that?" 

And came running all the way to where I was - just inside the door - "You smell soooo good!!! What do you have on?" I laughed and told her : "It's a Custom Perfume made just for me!" We were laughing together and I can't remember if I told her I got it from you or not. It was so unexpected it caught me off guard.

Thanks, Diana. I feel like a celebrity! Got a new hair cut - can't wait to show you! See you soon."


"Diana, I was at the Casino in Lake Charles, La. with Homer playing the penny slots and remembered I had the "Money Honey" potion with me. Put it on my left wrist & palm and the tip of my nose and won $389.00 right off. And I kept it! Thought you'd like to know! Yes it (Money Honey) is staying in my purse from now on!" Phyllis

"When we left last night, after getting our custom potions, I dropped my friend off at her car at Town & Country by the Beltway. As you know, we both had our dogs with us. I drove off and got a call from her. 

She said a police car was pulling her over and she was petrified because she had several warrants out for unpaid tickets. Being unemployed, she had not been able to take care of them. She asked me to please pray for her. 

Then she called me right back and asked me to come get her dog so they wouldn't put it in the pound or something. So I turned around to go back. 

As you know, she has had a problem with being argumentative and I was afraid she would make it worse with the police. 

It was unreal. The police officer was very nice & respectful and she was too. When he went to run her license info -

NO TICKETS SHOWED UP !!! He came back to her and told her to be careful on her way home. A miracle.

She called me this morning and she's redoing her resume' & excited about interviewing for a new job. Diana, before she got her potion - she wasn't getting up until after noon and not leaving her house she has been so depressed. 

Thank you so much. For someone who didn't even want to come get a Custom Blend, she's on fire! Thank you so much, Sharon"  

"Well, I have to tell you: This stuff really works ! " (As he introduced me to his beautiful new friend.)

Juan Acosta- Professor

"I have been using the Bye Bye Big Belly for about 2 1/2 weeks and it is remarkable. I have seen a difference overnight in the areas I needed to spot reduce. I had gotten to a place where there were areas I could not get the definition I wanted with my workout routine- around my waist and my inner thighs. This oil has caused a noticeable difference. I can hardly believe my results, but they are measureable and I haven't even been using it twice a day!" Ron. K. (Body Builder - Uses BBBB for facial & "six pack" definition

"I never embraced or shared my sun sign with others - I am a Gemini. I usually got a sarcastic or playful comment from others, something like..."split-personalities or crazy Geminis'". 

When Diana presented me with the Gemini potion, I purchased 4 bottles. She & I both felt that for one reason or another, this is what I needed. One night, about 3 weeks into using the potion, I woke up, meditated with a spectacular piece of green flourite (from The Celestial Emporium), and I kept getting the words..."It is time to go. Take a leap of faith." 

The next day I resigned from a 14 year career and immediately began plans to make what I thought was a hobby, into my career - practicing Energy Medicine, Akashic Readings, and other esoteric practices. 

I had always thought to are too young, just wait until your kids are grown, wait until your parents won't judge you, wait until you have more money.

I realized something, the twins of the Gemini sign do not represent split personalities, but the ability to see anything from multiple perspectives and a versatility that allows for adaptation to almost any situation. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury - the planet of communication. Funny, I always felt drawn to reapply the potion to my throat chakra.

Being a Healer to me is simply allowing myself to be a 'communicator' and connector of light, sound, and words from the Creative Source to the person seeking assistance. In the US, and particularly in a city like Houston, Energy Medicine is misunderstood and often assigned a stigma of witchcraft. I choose to help communicate to individuals in a way that they can understand without misunderstanding, tailoring the words used for that person, or that group of people, based on their unique backgrounds and belief systems.

The potions for Geminis helped me recognize my gifts, and I am learning to balance. 

In the past I would argue with myself internally on the possible outcomes or consequences of any choice. In the past I would toggle between an extremely co-dependant, fragile, soft-spoken woman to one that had no need for anyone, a woman with a sword always in my hand, ready to prove that I was invincible. 

I truly believe that the potion for Gemini is helping me to pull from the best aspects of the Divine Feminine within me, to become whole with myself and to move forward."

(Diana, I'm sorry I know that's way too long!) I love you!" Amanda

"Diana, when I came to you I knew I wanted my husband to go away and I didn't think he would. He was abusive and never let me have a life of my own. 

I was worried because I had no way to support myself but I knew I couldn't continue in the marriage. You put extra "Spam Blocker" in my blend (which was a very sweet smelling blend). Everyone who smelled it that day agreed it was a very sweet and mysterious blend. That night he told me I smelled like "burnt ashes" and he left after 3 weeks. 

I have a new business at the Trading Fair and am able to cover my bills!!! I am so glad I came with Rhonda to get my blend. For the first time in my life I feel happy and confident.

Thanks, Diana"


(PS: After being separated for almost a year, Ellen & her husband began dating and have reconcilled their differences. They are together and very happy. It took the time apart to "get things right" as she put it!)

"My husband is a dear, loving man who has been defined by his experience in Viet Nam. He has never been able to come out of that tight place and enjoy his life.

couple's therapy

couple's therapy

I was really surprised when he agreed to come with me & our son to give the Pheromone Blend & the Dream Life Coaching a try. Since he began using the potion & taking your advice, he is changing his perspective and opening up.

It's so good to see him relax & laugh. I didn't realize he was out of his potion until he came out wearing some awful stuff yesterday.

When can we all come this week?"

Tammy H. 

"I have always felt invisible. While others around me were being pampered & celebrated, I was always "the bridesmaid".

When I went to have my pheromone perfume created, Diana told me that she had a hard time discerning my scent finger print. She explained that pheromones have no 'scent'. They are at such a high frequency they are received inside the nose & perceived intuitively. But she said that alot of the time the strength of the pheromones paralled the strength of a person's scent. 

By wearing my potion every day, my scent & pheromones must have gotten stronger because I now receive favor & positive reactions from everybody I come into contact with- I am no longer invisible and I am having the time of my life in so many ways

I go back in a few weeks to "amp up" my potion and I can't wait. I have become the 'go to' gal at work and finally invited to join others as an equal. People seem glad to see me. Thank you Diana. I love what your pheromone perfume has done for me."


valentine's gifts

valentine's gifts

"Diana, I had to come & tell you -All the intentions I wanted to manifest have been coming true! I wear my perfume potion and jewelry every day." Stephanie

 (A new client came into the Celestial Emporium because she saw a young woman wearing the most wonderful necklace. She stopped to compliment her & was told that I had created it for her. When she described the young woman I knew it was Stephanie, the young woman quoted above.)

"I really like the bracelet you made for me. I've been looking everywhere - even online & there was nothing. This is perfect."

Brian M. Professional Photographer & Drummer.

custom women's love potions

custom women's love potions

"When I put this (necklace) on I knew it was mine. I felt a sort of vibration - or tingle - go through me. I feel so good wearing it. "

Nelda (Works 2 jobs, & attends classes.)

"It started with a sore throat & hoarseness but after 2 doses of the flu remedy- I'm feeling better already."

Mary Margaret Retired Practical Nurse

"You have to meet me at your shop tonight! I have to go out of town & I need another bottle of my Pheromone Potion This is important !"

Call @ 8:30 PM from Anasa

"This is such a powerful Healing necklace. I

actually feel it's power when I am wearing it.

I always wear it when I do Healing Work with my clients and at my day job -

I get so many compliments !" Narse' Dahlia

Acct. Mgr. for Multi-million Dollar Accounts & Master Healer 

custom jewelry

custom jewelry

elegant perfumes

elegant perfumes

"Yes, this makes me feel like 'The Red Headed Goddess'." Cindy G. (Re: her Manifestation Jewelry) Acct. Payable & Reiki Master

"I used the Magic Milk Bath last night & you were right - It only took 2 rounded tablespoons & my skin felt sooo good afterward. I love soaking in it. I'm going to have to get some more soon - I use it for my foot baths too." 

Fran B. Holistic Lawyer

"This makes me feel happy.

I haven't felt happy in a long time." Janie C.

(RE: her Personal Pheromone Perfume Potion)

"This Limited Edition Print -

'Unconditional Love' -

speaks to me in a most profound way. I can actually feel the energy." Helen Shaner

motivational coach

motivational coach

"I wore my Potion all the time I was

in Canada at the International

Conference and it was amazing.

People I needed to meet

- CAME TO ME - AND, I WAS asked to collaborate on a book BY THIS really FAMOUS GUY out of the blue.

It's a good thing I got a double Potion! I'm gonna be wearing this all the time." Darius B. Published Author , Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur, & Motivational Speaker.

"Oh I love it! The perfume (Pheromone Potion) makes me feel so - pretty!"

Carolina W. Aromatherapist

motivational speaker

motivational speaker

"Look - the crystals have changed since I have been wearing it! I always wear my necklace for Protection when I am reading for people and I have been putting my potion on their forehead and they love it. I am going to bring you a list of some of my clients with their birthdays and their different situations for you to make jewelry and potions for them" Mine'

(And she did - 16 people)

""My Pheromone Potion has increased my communication ability and taken it to a higher non-verbal level. I was at a function for the man I love (a very famous individual) and we had an incredible series of one-on-one experiences. He pointed me out from the stage and not only called me by name but also praised me!

Elaine - Entrepreneur



"Well, I may be 78 yr.s young, but I'm ready for a change. I want to call my blend 'What Cha Waiting For'. Because I'm ready if he is." (She has been with her "Teddy Bear" for 4 years now !!!)

Dorothy A.

"Well, I now have a Russian Blue "rescue" cat, a Website to show & sell my photography, new friends, and, got my job back since I got my potion. Things are really looking up after 2 years of nothing much." Tommy

sexy perfume

sexy perfume

custom jewelry

custom jewelry

"The jewelry was perfect!!! I wore it all the time I was in Mexico City for the conference and everyone commented on it. I wish I had your business cards! I felt really confident at the International Conference even though it was all brand new for me."

Carolina W.

unique jewelry

unique jewelry

"I wanted to manifest a job making more money and it happened 3 weeks after I started wearing my Pheromone Perfume Potion." Katherine Young : Acct. Mgr. & Massage Therapist

"Okay, I'm going to New Jersey & since I only wear your jewelry designs now- I need a bunch of your business cards. Everyone wants to know where I got it all!"  

girls night out

girls night out

Popi G. Owner of an Agency for Child Care Professionals "Angel Sitters"

 "I used the "Magic Milk Bath" & it made me feel more sensitive with my husband... (Sort of like he was a house painter who turned into Picasso........ )

Really, really nice!!!" Ranelle

milk bath

milk bath

Mickey was offered a position out of the blue [after wearing her perfume for 5 weeks] to be in charge over all the other nurses even though she had not been working @ the hospital very long with an annual raise of $100,000.  

She then decided to make a move for her son's sake toNew England. (She was hired at her first interview.)

"Okay, since I'm moving to New England, I've written down every drop you put in my potion. When I get low on this double batch I'm getting, I can call you for more!"

"I have got to have a necklace out of these gemstones - drawing me like a magnet."

Blondelle (A man who smells like Atlantis - Whose spiritual life is dominated by Atlantis - Is drawn to a rare gemstone linked to Atlantis.) Owner of a Holistic Care Practice

 "You may call this Perfume:


but I call it:

'Sexctasy' ! "M.M.

(So I renamed that potion on the spot! Diana)

"Okay so my 'soul mate' hasn't found me yet - but the rest of my life is on a fast track since I started wearing my potion. Maybe I need to take care of me first." Rosie L. Physician Asst. & Holistic Healer

sleep solutions

sleep solutions

"I diluted the (Serenity) blend 50/50 with Jojoba oil & applied it to my 6 yr. old son's forehead. He calmed down & slept peacefully the first time and every time I've applied it."When I asked her how long he had had trouble sleeping - She replied:

"Since he was born ! " Heather R.N. & Adm. for Hospital Services

"Oh. Oh my. Oh. Oh. Oh yes. And I'm going to need you to create another set for me." (Her reaction to each piece of Custom DDD jewelry.) Nancy Y. Dog Groomer

wholesale perfume

wholesale perfume

"My son has quit being hooked up to computer video games. He has gotten a part time job, started working out and he doesn"t disrespect me anymore. (She is a single parent.) He asks me how he can he help me!!! Amazing."

 Marie M. Ofc. Mgr. & Massage Therapist (She and her 16 yr. old son and 20-something daughter all got their potions at the same time.)

"I found this big beautiful perfume bottle and we're gonna fill it up!"Katherine Y. (When she came to get her third pheromone potion. It turned out sooooo sensuous!)

Acct. Payable Mgr. for a huge firm owned by Halliburton

flu remedy

flu remedy

"I got so sick. Chills, fever, nausea,

severe headache and I couldn't sleep. I was too sick to get up & get my Essential Oil Flu Remedy. I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. My friend came over to help me and administered it as recommended that evening. I was well within a few hours."

Helen S. Essential Oil Designer & Creator for Over 20 years

"This necklace was always mine.




Shari B. Retired Geoligist & Jewelry Designer(Regarding the Boulder Opal Necklace she purchased at The Celestial Emporium.)

"Hey, look- My love life is fabulous but you know I love country & western dancing right??? Leave the 'Spam Blocker' out of this potion !!! You've eliminated all of my dance partners!!!"

Joan Jett - Accounts Mgr. for a large Golf Course


A client picked up his Manifestation Necklace

on his way to work in San Antonio.

He had been wearing his pheromone blend since the end of March and had recently gotten a new one.

About an hour and a half after he left the Celestial Emporium, I received a call from him asking me what was up with his necklace??? He said it kept moving on him. He would pull it down - straight - and it would move again. He said this had happened several times and it was really getting annoying. I asked him how it was moving. He replied that it kept moving to the left and up. He couldn't make it stay down.

(This necklace was a little long because he wanted to wear it under his shirt. It had a large flat irregular Carnelian pendant that was not lightweight & should have "stuck" to his bare skin.) 

Without pausing, I told him to get to a doctor - He must have a heart problem. He did. And he had no prior knowledge of it.

He had heart surgery performed in San Antonio that week due to severe blockage.

As he was returning home to Houston from San Antonio, after recuperating from his surgery, a truck came out of nowhere and clipped his bumper & spun his car around on I10. The truck did not stop... He had not seen any other vehicles and the truck seemed to come "out of the blue".

Only minor damage was sustained to his car, and he was unharmed.

He called me when he got home to tell me that he felt that he had been protected through the things he received from me. That he had Angels watching over him. C.H. name withheld -

This happened in May of 2008.

"I give thanks to God for all things." 

Diana Diamonds